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Armoured Tide - Battle Report - PRDF vs CEF 150 points.

In the games that we have played so far one thing has stood out - heavily armoured units with big guns rule seem to rule the field. This game was an experiment to see how a complete spam list would fare against a more balanced, well thought out list that did not contain as much armour... It ended up being an interesting game that confirmed a few things!

Army Selection

Ryu was told that I was taking nothing but hovertanks. He disappeared into his room and played with Gear Grinder for ages before asking what the biggest AT missile I had on a painted model was... I told him that it was the Tusked Naga and he walked away with a grin... uh oh...

The PRDF contained two squads with some southern allies attached. His plan was to turtle up and try to crack the CEF tanks one at a time. Using the Peace Officer Corps sub list allows for some southern armour crackers to back up the already impressive selection of bazookas - as well as providing free light grenades to the vanguards and reduced cost medium grenades to the CO. The greyhound command gears that would have completed this list are ordered but haven't arrived yet! The strike squad has a CO Warrior IV backed up by a Scourge Warrior IV and Scourge Warrior. Two Vanguard Warriors and a Sweeper Warrior round out the squad along with an attached Chatterbox Iguana for forward observation. The Fire Support squad has a Cataphract leading it. He is backed up by an Argos and a Demolisher Crusader IV. A Tusked Naga is attached to help crack the armour that is coming their way.

A quick play with Gear Grinder the other day gave me this nasty thought - it's almost as though Dave McLeod might have planned it this way - 6 tanks with a "Supreme Commander" and "XO" upgrade equal exactly 150 points! I could see that this has many downsides (no comms, ECM, or even much anti-infantry) but with the heavy armour and huge guns it looked like it would be entertaining! The Medium Tank  squad (Artillery Squad) contains the CO in a standard MHT-95. He's backed up by a pair of MHT-95s with support packs. The Light Tank squad's leader is in a standard MHT-95 and is accompanied by a pair of Assault MHT-95s. 

The Mission

We rolled up a five turn game and set to deciding on mission selection. The PRDF wanted to turtle as hard as possible so hold (primary), wipe them out (the CO's Artillery Squad), and recon were chosen. The CEF then discovered another weakness to this list! Very limited mission choices! Luckily the MHT-95 is able to be LT or MT so they chose Wipe them out twice (the strike squad being primary) and capture. We decided on the scene being a continuation of our last game;

The wounded PRDF commander and the remnants of his team ran from the pursuing CEF forces for days before finally getting a message through to their comrades. Their communications also reached the ears of a nearby southern garrison who were eager to avenge the death of their heroic friend in the King Cobra. The arrival of southern reinforcements encouraged the beleaguered PRDF forces, however the iguana scout that accompanied came with grave news - the CEF frames were licking their wounds inflicted by the last battle, but had sent their heavy tank forces against them instead. The PRDF and southern forces converged on a small, forested area hoping that the woods would dissuade the tanks from advancing too close and waited. A loss here would see the CEF with an open route to Peace River.


The CEF won the roll for initiative after a creepily weird 4 re-rolls (we managed to roll the same number on three dice four times!) and chose to deploy on the open edge and avoid the forest entirely. The table had many roads, but with the huge amount of AT weapons on the PRDF side of the table, using them would likely end in pain. The CEF made a huge mistake and deployed the CO away from the two Support MHT-95s, forgetting the terrible EW 6+ that they'd have to use for comms tests. The PRDF huddled in the forest and waited for the tanks to enter optimum range.

 Turn 1

The CEF won initiative and came out swinging - the free movement at the start of the game conferred by the tank sub list and their usual  6" hover movement meant that an Assault Pack MHT-95 had a clear shot down a street at the PRDF strike squad. The heavy grenade launcher hammered the Scourge Warrior IV for two damage (the PRDF commander re-rolled dice that would have resulted in the gear being killed!) and caused a crippling 4 damage to the Sweeper Warrior. It then opened fire on the same targets with its rocket packs. The Scourge Warrior IV narrowly escaped death burning another command point to re-roll another roll that would have killed it - ending up dodging the rockets completely. His brother Support HVT-95 spotted the Chatterbox Iguana trying to remain inconspicuous in the forest and fearing the combination of its target designator and the Tusked Naga, he focused on killing it - the heavy grenade launcher critically wounding the gear on only a margin of success 1! The squad leader's rocket packs finished off the scout with his rocket packs before turning his rail gun on the Cataphract - only to have the massive gear strider nimbly dodge out of his sights.

Chuffed that the Crusader IV had survived the first enemy activation (something of a novelty!) he ran forward and popped an ineffective shot at the Support MHT-95 with his snub cannon. The Argos took aim at the XO's MHT-95 and managed to causing a glancing hit with his rotary cannon. 

The Naga - deprived of his spotter had to make do with his own sensor booms. He spotted the Support MHT-95 that had hammered the strike squad and the Argos chained his standby order as well - but both shots missed their mark. The CO MHT-95 snap fired at the Naga causing 1 damage with his rail gun. Until now, the PRDF commander had always favored gunlines and staying in cover so I didn't foresee what came next - the Cataphract broke into a run, covering the distance to the closest hovertank as he drew back his enormous sword. Using both actions, he cleaved seven hitpoints from the defenseless hovertank, crippling it!  

Realising that the combat prowess of the gears was a major advantage, the hovertanks were in a sticky situation - they needed to advance on the objectives, but ran the risk of being carved up by vibroblades! The CEF artillery tanks activated next and opened fire on the strike squad's heavily fortified position - the medium artillery guns and rocket packs did their job with the Scourge Warrior IV being crippled and the Sweeper Warrior being killed by the high explosive barrage.

The PRDF strike squad was left with no doubts that they needed to get out of their current position before the artillery guns got a chance to repeat last turn's carnage. The cripple Scourge Warrior IV braced to take aim at the Support MHT that the Cataphract had abused and knocked it out with a bazooka round. The Cataphract was happy for his new heavy cover! The rest of the Warriors scuttled around firing at the CEF CO with little effect as they found safer places to hide.

Turn 2

The PRDF sigh with relief after winning the initiative roll and immediately get to work with the strike squad. They break cover and some gears begin pumping ECM defence to cover them from the hovertanks as they advance (fittingly the model is flipping the bird at the tank). The Scourge Warrior IV scans the MHT that he shot down as other squad mates unsuccessfully attempt to fry the CEF CO's sensors. The Squad leader uses the evade order to make the gears that didn't advance a little harder to hit.

The CEF assault squad activates next and the XO takes a cheeky shot across the battlefield while backing up - catching the vanguard from behind before it can engage the CO. The railgun misses due to ECM interference but the laser cannon manages to hit for three damage! The surviving Assault MHT-95 backs up, firing at the crusader as it goes, causing two damage with some very ordinary rolling.

The PRDF fire support squad activates next and goes hard after the assault squad in front of them, trying to secure the objective point. The Crusader's snub cannon fails to damage the XO, but he pulls closer to use his axe. The Argos causes a point of damage on the XO with his rotary cannon. His rocket pack misses the XO but hits the Assault MHT beside it causing three damage! The Cataphract takes aim at the XO and cripples him with three damage from his rail gun before activating his own ECM defences. The Naga hits a Support HVT-95 for a point of damage with a heavy anti tank missile to finish off the activation.

The CEF artillery see the Cataphract as the biggest threat and go after him. Between the two artillery guns and laser cannons they manage to cause a whopping five damage and cripple the monster. The CO, realising that between the evade order, the close proximity of the gears and their ECM defence, his weapons were unlikely to hit solidly - and chose to do something unconventional - he rammed the vanguard that was providing ECM cover (and flipping the bird). The cheeky little bugger passed all of the piloting rolls but two and as the vehicle had not been at top speed this meant only two damage to the vanguard and none to the tank.

Turn 3

The CEF won the initiative roll and in order to avoid retribution from the strike squad had to activate the CO's artillery squad first. The CO backed up, hammering the Scourge Warrior for three damage with his laser cannon. The PRDF commander was heard to remark "don't you dare" as the CEF commander measured the distance between the closest Support MHT-95... and declared another ram move. This time, at top speed the poor gear became a speed bump, taking four damage. The hovertank didn't leave unscathed though, taking two damage itself - the final revenge of the cheeky, bird flipping gear!

The PRDF fire support squad activated next and tried to finish off the CEF assault squad. The Demolisher Crusader IV moved up and took a swing at the Assault MHT, but only managed one damage. The return snap fire from the MHT's laser cannon crippled the gear, causing three damage.
Here, a flaw in the setup of the CEF army became apparent - lack of comms and very low EW skill meant that command points were unreliable when not in formation. The Argos and Cataphract opened fire on the damaged Assault squad. The Argos caused a point of damage on the XO, making him burn his command point. The Cataphract took aim at the same tank and fired - ending up with a margin of success of 4! The CEF CO tried to react with a command point to save his XO but failed the roll. The snap fire from the XO missed the Cataphract and there was much mumbling about lack of satellite coverage!

The last remaining tank from the Assault Squad tried to avenge his brothers by firing at the Cataphract. Hopes were high as the Cataphract rolled dismally, but the tank wasn't much better! The Cataphract had access to a command point and rolled high enough to avoid the damage - the CEF CO managed to again fail the comms roll to get a command point to his friend and the roll stood - no damage to the hulking beast. The PRDF strike squad, hoping to emulate the success of their fire support brothers moved against the artillery squad. After initially failing an ECM attack on a Support MHT-95, the Scourge Warrior and Scourge Warrior opened fire on it and scored a point of damage each, crippling another tank. The PRDF CO opened fire with his rocket pack and caused another point of damage on the almost wrecked tank and overkilled the wrecked PRDF gear it was hiding behind (after turning it into a speed bump).

Turn 4

The initiative roll goes to the PRDF and the strike squad goes after the hover tanks in front of them. The shooting begins with the Scourge Warrior and the Support MHT-95 firing at each other - both crippled machines are knocked out!

The CEF turned to the last remaining Assault MHT-95 from the assault squad. Down the road the Scourge Warrior IV and the PRDF CO were clearly visible. The blast from his heavy grenade overkilled the crippled Scourge Warrior IV and caused a point of damage to the Cataphract leaving it on only a single box of damage. Unfortunately the PRDF CO managed to take cover and avoid damage. The rockets arched our from the tank and took out a Vanguard Warrior and again missed the CO. A few rockets found their mark on the Cataphract - but frustratingly the glancing hit failed to take off its last hit box.

Giddy with delight at surviving more than a turn, the Crusader IV took aim at the back of the last Assault MHT-95 with his snub cannon, crippling the tank. The Argos shredded the beleaguered vehicle with his rotary cannon, knocking it out. The Cataphract engages his ECM defence and takes aim at the last Support MHT and nails it for three damage. This results in a cripple result and the CEF CO again tries a comms roll to give his friend a CP... checks the back of his radio and sees that his Morgana Grell subordinates appear to have replaced it with a toy one...

The Tusked Naga takes aim at the crippled Support MHT and swats it out of the sky. The CEF CO finishes off the turn with an impressive amount of ones rolled for shooting at the Naga.

Turn 5

Going into the last turn, the writing is on the wall for the CEF. They do however, win the initiative allowing them to do something before meeting their end! In an act of pure spite, the CEF CO backs up and takes aim at the crippled Crusader IV with his rail gun - killing it. The Cataphract then bears the brunt of his wrath, being knocked out by his rocket packs. Before going down, the monster machine's rail gun lashes out and scores a point of damage on the CO!

The PRDF strike squad (now composed of just the PRDF CO) scan the CEF CO, completing their recon objective. The fire support squad finishes the game with the Naga hitting the CEF CO for one last point of damage, leaving it damaged, but not crippled.

The Outcome

The PRDF convincingly win the day despite heavy casualties! They completed all of their objectives including the casualty objective for 5VP. The CEF only completed their primary objective to wipe out the strike squad. The capture objective proved impossible (brawling gears aren't to be messed with) and they failed to knock out enough gears from the fire support squad (3 wounds from 7). In the end they only ended up with 2VP

Inside the command MHT-95 the squad status indicators blinked out one by one signalling the demise of the CEF forces. The CEF commander found himself alone on the battlefield, low on ammo and with armour piercing rounds impacting the hull of his tank with startling regularity. Knowing the punishment for failure, but seeing no other option he told his driver to retreat... 

The cheers broke from the PRDF lines as the hover tank turned and fled. The battered defenders were under no illusion that they had beaten the CEF for good, but knew that they had bought much needed time for reinforcements to arrive -as well as exacting a good deal of vengeance for fallen brothers.

And there you have it - a very messy battle! Lack of comms and EW support make things difficult if you have to spread out. Close combat also proved to be nasty for the CEF as the prevalence of the brawler trait in the PRDF made closing in to claim objectives came with the danger of being engaged in melee. Ramming was nice though - but only against smaller gears - against a Crusader or Argos things may have been different!

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Lasers for Days! - Battle Report - CEF vs PRDF 150 points

Lasers for Days! - Battle Report CEF vs PRDF 150 Points

After the immovable object that was the Caprician heavy armour in our last game we decided to try out the much more flimsy CEF frames against the PRDF. The PRDF army that we'd built had a lot of trouble wading through the multiple 8 hit box heavy mounts without much anti-tank firepower - so there is a Red Bull on the way! (Thanks to the guys on Terra Nova DMZ Facebook page for the suggestion) In the meantime (postage from America to Australia takes AGES...) Ryu wanted some more firepower in his army so he chopped out the infantry block and added an allied King Cobra to his strike squad and upgraded his CO to a "Supreme Commander".

Army Selection

Ryu's slightly modified PRDF army makes a return with the notable addition of a southern King Cobra elite support gear. This thing was a terror with its particle accelerator. The force still comprises of a strike squad and a Fire support squad. The fire Support Squad contains the CO in a Warrior IV, a Destroyer Crusader, an Argos and a Cataphract. Attached is a Sweeper Skirmisher and a Regular Skirmisher. The strike squad is made up of a Scourge Warrior IV, Sweeper Warrior, Scourge Warrior a King Cobra and two Vanguard Warriors

My newly painted CEF forces focused heavily on particle accelerators and rotary lasers. Like the PRDF, they have both a strike and a fire support squad. The Supreme CO is mounted in a CF6-16 and backed up by his fire support squad consisting of a trio of BF2-19 frames with one support pack and a pair of anti-tank packs.Attached to them are a pair of BF2-25s - one with recon pack and another with an anti tank pack. Both of them are upgraded to have medium rotary lasers. The Strike Squad is led by a CF6-16 with an assault pack. He is backed up by an F6-16 with support pack and a pair of BF2-21s with an assault pack and an anti-tank pack. Attached to them is a Morgana FLAIL team and an Anti-Tank FLAIL squad.

The Mission

We rolled up a six turn game and decided not to use any battle conditions as the table was already very heavily covered in terrain. We decided on the following story for the engagement and chose missions reflecting this.

The PRDF forces came across a southern soldier in a battered King Cobra gear. He told them of CEF forces burning their way through small farming villages in one of the precious few regions of the badlands that has enough water near the surface to be farmable. The CEF were brutally slaughtering any civilians they could find and crushing the under-powered defence militias in their way. The PRDF vowed revenge and followed the King Cobra pilot to the scene of a recent battle, but little did they realise they were being watched... 

The CEF trap was sprung and the frames moved in to recapture the supplies that they had left behind. They were tasked with finding the identity of these "Good Samaritans" and killing their leader and his squad to send a message to the Terra Novans that the CEF were not to be trifled with. 

Seeing the frames charging towards them, the PRDF commander knew that he needed to break out of the trap to be able to call for reinforcements as the CEF jamming made long range communications impossible. To avenge the villagers he vowed to take the commander's head, along with the rest of his squad. 

The two heavily armed forces raced towards each other as the villagers cowered in what was left of their homes...

PRDF - Break the line, assassinate, and wipe them out (Fire Support). Assassinate was secretly his primary objective.

CEF - Capture, assassinate, wipe them out (Fire Support). I selected capture as my primary objective.


The PRDF had 4 dice for initiative and won the roll. Fittingly, he chose to deploy mostly in the shattered factory area and train station areas of the village. The two objectives that the CEF needed to capture were near the train lines so racing along the train lines would give them an advantage if things went badly.  Both forces deployed very aggressively as far forward as possible and took advantage of the abundant heavy cover.

Turn 1

The PRDF won the initiative and activated their strike squad first. They moved though the trees cautiously - worried about starting a long range fight with the CEF fire support squad's lasers. The squad leader used the evade order and the others used ECM.

Seeing how hard it was going to be to take on the PRDF with evade and ECM active the CEF strike squad went for the PRDF fire support squad that had not yet activated. Their fire was largely ineffective as the Cataphract was rolling an obscene number of 6s on re-rolls... this however, did burn his command points. The command CF6-16 Assault Frame went on standby in case someone got cheeky. The day was saved by the Assault Pack BF2-21 who raced up to the treeline and caught  a Crusader napping. His rotary laser opened fire and managed to overkill it! The FLAILs went into standby and waited for something to do.

The BF2-21 didn't have too long to rejoice though as the skirmisher behind the Crusader took offence to seeing his mate's face burning and tried to jam the assault frame's sensors. The CF6-16 used his standby token to try and use his ECCM to help but failed - leaving the BF2-21 crippled for the turn as pictures of goats or something filled his screen. Taking advantage of the now crippled target the Argos opened fire and tore most of his frame apart with his heavy rotary cannon - leaving the BF2-21 with only a single hit point!

The Cataphract took a braced shot across the table at the Support Pack F6-16 and caused 4 damage, crippling the machine. the Anti Tank FLAIL squad took a risk and snap fired at the huge, armoured monstrosity - managing to scratch a point of damage off! The skirmishers used their ECM and the PRDF commander then called an evade order to make the CEF shooting more difficult.

Finally, the CEF fire support squad fired every thing they had into the forest but after the dust settled, they had only managed to put 2 damage points on the Scourge Warrior IV and 2 damage points on the two Vanguard Warriors. ECM + Evade = frustration!

Turn 2

PRDF wins the initiative and not wanting to try their luck at another pounding in the forest, activated the strike squad to get moving before their enemies. Their shooting was largely ineffective as they rang forward - the Scourge Warrior braced and managed to cause 1 damage on the CEF CO, but embarrassingly, the CEF used the "I got your back" rule to get a Support BF2-19 to snap fire its laser cannon, and overkilled the poor guy - bracing for that extra dice is a risk! Due to a combination of cover and command point re-rolls the rest of the squad's firepower missed.

The CEF Fire Support squad saw the PRDF exiting the forest as a real threat - their capture objective was in front of the train station and would need the PRDF strike squad to either all die or move forward in order for them to take it... so they activated and opened fire - fluffing most of the rolls at the strike squad in the forest until the two BF2-19 Anti-Tank frames showed their mates how to shoot. The first managed to score 3 damage on a Vanguard and 2 on the Sweeper Warrior as he opened up into the forest with his rocket packs. His brother BF2-19 on the other side of the board took aim at the Cataphract and managed to score a point of damage with his particle accelerator. The Cataphract, worried about being crippled, snap fired back but missed. The Recon BF2-25 ran behind the strike squad and activated his ECM in preparation for the inevitable PRDF Fire Support counter-attack...

The PRDF fire support squad opened proceedings with the Argos executing the Assault BF2-21 who feebly snap fired back with an entertaining double 1... Obviously used all of his luck on the Crusader! The Argos used his other action to standby along with the Cataphract. The Skirmisher forward observed the BF2-19 that had shot the Cataphract and his friends managed to score a damage point each on it with their indirect fire weapons. Additionally, the blast caught the Morgana FLAIL squad for a point of damage! To end the turn, the CEF activated their Strike squad. The squad leader managed a damage on the Argos with his rotary laser, and the FLAILs outdid themselves with the Morgana FLAIL forward observing the Argos and the Anti-Tank FLAIL squad hammered it for two damage.

Turn 3

PRDF again won the initiative and the strike squad came charging out of the forest - realising that the laser cannons on the CEF forces had 12+ inch optimum range encouraged them to get closer. The Vanguard Warrior rushed forward and used ECM defence to discourage snap firing - which proved to be a good idea as the recon BF2-25 immediately did and missed him! The Scourge Warrior IV used the Coordinated fire order on the CEF CO and fired his bazooka - missing. The CO snap fired back and left the Scourge on 1 hit box! The King Cobra missed after a lucky re-roll by the CO.

The CEF fire support squad, having mostly used their actions snap firing at the PRDF gears leaving the forest moved into safer positions ready to counter attack. The BF2-19 AT that had been dueling with the Cataphract took aim and hammered it for an impressive margin of success of 4 (roll of 8 vs 4). The commander burned a CP and re-rolled a three! The Cataphract copped 3 damage and another one from haywire - well and truly crippling it. Knowing that the PRDF CO was going to be very hard to get to in the railway siding that he was hiding in decided to try to flush him out with some indirect fire. It was largely ineffective and only caused 1 damage despite catching a Skirmisher, the Cataphract and the Argos in the blast.

The PRDF fire support squad answered first with the Argos opening fire on the BF2-25 Recon Frame. Agile kicked in and his heavy rotary cannon missed on MOS 0 (luckily for the frame!). The rest of the squad moved around and used ECM to try to protect the CO from the quickly advancing frames. A Sweeper Skirmisher cheekily separated from the group and moved into a heavily covered position near what he had correctly assumed was my capture objective and activated his ECM defence - the CEF were running out of turns to capture it! The CEF fire support frames finished the turn with the BF2-21 AT frame blowing the head off the Argos with his particle accelerator. The Morgana FLAIL moved to forward observe the crippled Cataphract for the FLAIL AT Squad, but watched in amazement as the huge machine rolled a triple 6 for its defence roll...

Turn 4

PRDF won the initiative and activated the strike squad - taking a while to debate what best to do as most of the game revolved around their flank, but they didn't have the manpower to do all of the objectives. The CEF CO was there to assassinate and would die if he could focus on him, but his squad needed to be reduced to 50% for "wipe them out". They needed to break through into the CEF deployment zone with 50% of their actions but needed to leave a model contesting the capture objective! Very hard decisions! In the end he focus fired the CEF CO with all of the strike gears, but due to many being crippled, too close or defensive re-rolls, the CO was still standing defiant at the end of the strike squad activation.

The CEF fire support squad moved to protect the CO and apparently for their fog lights confused with their lasers as after a lot of flashy firing they had managed to miss all of the crippled PRDF attackers leaving the CO in very real danger! To top it all off the scout BF2-25s moved to engage their targets - the AT one managed to whiff his rolls on a skirmisher in no cover and the Recon one managed to fail his comms roll to forward observe the PRDF CO! PRDF having ECM on all of its trooper gears makes comms very hard to do! The only decent shot of the activation was the BF2-19 AT Frame finally knocking out the Cataphract after 4 turns of dueling.

The PRDF CO activated the remains of his fire support squad next and made a fateful decision - seeing the CEF forces closing in and with the heavy hitters of his squad now burning, he made a break for it along the rail tracks at top speed using the evade order and moving a skirmisher behind to use ECM defence. The BF2-19 Support from the CEF strike squad took offence at this and snap fired his medium laser cannon - scoring a margin of success of zero after a re-roll from evade - the agile skirmisher dodging the shot that would have otherwise overkilled it!

The CEF strike squad could see their quarry getting away and raced to catch him. Unfortunately for the PRDF CO, the nature of racing along the rails on his road wheels meant that his back was to the strike squad as it crashed through the trees after him. The Squad leader winged the CO with his rotary laser and a BF2-21 AT Frame managed a MOS 0 hit on him with its particle accelerator - crippling him... but there was no one there to finish him off! Until I looked at the table wondering what to do with the hopelessly out of position, crippled support F6-16 Support Frame - it had a clear shot between trees, the building and the other gears with its laser cannon! The hail Mary shot paid off with the crippled CO rolling only a 2 versus a perfect 8 from the frame - overkilling him despite the re-roll.

Turn 5

With the PRDF CO dead the CEF finally won an initiative roll. The fire support squad activated first and the BF2-25 AT Frame started off proceedings by opening a box of rape on a pair of skirmishers - overkilling one and crippling the other with 4 damage. His squad mates were inspired by this and the BF2-19 AT managed to kill a Sweeper Warrior with his rocket pack and the BF2-25 Recon shot the crippled skirmished dead from behind with a long ranged shot. The CO tried to forward observe for the BF2-19 Support's mortar but failed horribly... damn jamming!

The PRDF knew the writing was on the wall and needed to try to focus on VPs. The strike squad activated and the King Cobra hit the CEF CO on a 3 with his particle accelerator - MOS 0. The CO didn't want to be crippled so rerolled ... and got a 1! The CO was left crippled with 1 damage box and finished off by a Vanguard Warrior's autocannon. The remaining gears tried unsuccessfully to damage the large BF2-19 Frames.  

Knowing that they currently had 1 VP each from Assassination and fearing that the PRDF may have had this as their primary, the CEF needed to deny them any more VP somehow. The CEF had killed the Fire support squad giving them 2 VP total, but Capture was now out of reach with the King Cobra holding the objective - this meant that the CEF's primary objective was achievable. If they could stop the PRDF from advancing into their deployment zone and mitigate any more casualties being taken in their fire support squad they may just pull it off... With this in mind, the CEF strike squad moved up hitting the Cobra for a damage point with a BF2-21's particle accelerator. Unfortunately, his boss' rotary laser failed to capitalise on the haywire's crippling effect and missed horribly!

Turn 6

The CEF again win the initiative roll despite losing their CO as the PRDF lacked a squad leader at this stage. The CEF activate their fire support squad and the BF2-19 Support Frame takes a shot at the Vanguard Warrior and misses - but takes a point of damage from snap fire from the crippled gear's medium autocannon! The firefight continues with the BF2-19 AT killing the Vanguard with his rocket pack. The PRDF by this stage had a collection of crippled warriors that all missed their targets and knew that they could not move into the CEF deployment zone without being picked off by the CEF strike squad who would activate next. The CEF strike squad activate and try to finish off the King Cobra unsuccessfully, ending the game with the elite gear on two hit points.


The battered PRDF forces saw the overwhelming wave of approaching CEF frames and despaired. With no commander and so outnumbered there was no hope. Just as the remaining two warriors emptied their rocket packs into the enemy there was a crackle in the PRDF comms channel. Emerging from the forest was the CO - on foot, shaken and bleeding, but alive! The Sweeper Warrior pilot called to his Vanguard comrade and ran, ducking laser fire to scoop up his commanding officer, engage his secondary movement system and race away from the battlefield. As they left they saw the crippled King Cobra standing defiant, firing his weapons into the approaching CEF forces and screaming curses at them over the open comms channels. Soon after, the sound of gunfire and the comms channels both became eerily silent...

The PRDF commander had bailed out of his still running gear seconds before it was shredded by the CEF's lasers. He had scrambled through the carnage hoping to find his comrades only to see them cut down one by one. The valiant sacrifice of the southern King Cobra pilot had allowed them to escape and warn their comrades of the oncoming CEF forces. He vowed that the next time they met, the Earth forces would pay dearly for the lives they had taken today.

The CEF forces managed to complete assassinate, and wipe them out, but failed their primary objective (Capture). This left them with 2 VP. The PRDF forces had only achieved Assassinate, but as this was their primary objective, this left them with 2 VP also. Casualties ended up giving the game to the CEF forces as the tiebreaker - despite almost being wiped out, the PRDF had stopped the CEF finishing their objectives.